Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Katja Mihalova
  • Date: 2017
  • Skills: Branding, Concepting
  • Client: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

SWATCH mini is a fictional concept created during my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

As the digital market is growing, smartwatches are taking over the market share.
Following the trend, many watch brands try to enter this market, however, Apple continues to dominate it. Swatch has always been the innovator in the watch-branch, however, in the past years, the company is losing its market value. A step in the smartwatch market would be a smart one to refresh their brand and regain attention from watch-lovers.

Looking into the smart-watch market I have realized that the children’s smartwatch market is bearly undiscovered. However there are quite some kids smartwatches out there, they focus either on the security of the child, either entertainment.

As kids smartwatches require lower financial investments and are less technically driven, SWATCH is going to enter the market with a watch that focusses on both the interests of a child and parent (security and entertainment).

Children need the freedom to take responsibility.

The mission of the Swatch Mini is to teach parents and children the concept of time in an amusing and quick way.

Witch the help of a customizable “Tamagotchi” character, the child learns to read time, plan and gets reminders of important tasks such as drinking enough water and brushing teeth.

To attract the attention of parents and children a social media strategy is applied. With the help of relevant influencers, children are invited to the SWATCH mini website to create an account and play the demo game. As a few functionalities can be only played with a swatch mini, parents and kids are led to the page with further product information.

If you’re interested in how the game demo works, please visit the following page.