Portfolio Information

  • Date: oktober 31, 2018
  • Skills: Art Direction, Set Dressing, Styling
  • Client: Monstercat

Losing our Minds is a story of a young woman that tries to juggle everything that live brings us. There is so much a person can handle. She decides to go back to her core and see life in a different way.

The little girl reflects the younger version of the main character while cracking, frying and going nuts reflects the mental state of the girl.

For this project, the room was built from scratch to create a room that didn’t reveal either it’s day or night time, as that happens when you go crazy. The set it a bit off as there is not enough sitting space or fridge in the kitchen.

Script/Concept/Direction – Vincent Vianen
DOP – Jasper Van Gheluwe
Angel/Fellow Dancer – Charlotte Meyebdockx
Gaffer – Phong Huynh
1st AC: Gijsbrecht Den Engelse
Costumes & Set Design – Katja Mihalova
Set Builder – Milo Kol
Artist – Taska Black